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The Wellspring family of companies was founded in 1984, and remains committed to delivering premium products with superior service. Over the last century, we have grown from a modest drilling and transport concern to become Atlantic Canada’s premiere employer. We currently provide more than 315,000 jobs worldwide, in sectors including:

  • Agrisystems
  • Clean and Conventional Energy
  • Distribution
  • Fabrication
  • Forestry Management
  • Logistics
  • Resource Exploration and Management
  • Shipbuilding

Our employees are dedicated to continual growth and improvement through safe, efficient, and ethical practices in the pursuit of the best product, the best customer experience, and the best shareholder returns. In their striving for excellence, they are guided by our three core values: Conservation, Innovation, and Community. It is on these pillars that Wellspring has been able to rise to the forefront of Canadian commerce.


We aim to lead the world in our bedrock sectors of Drilling, Logistics, and Resource Exploration. We are committed to creating long-term, sustainable growth in order to enhance shareholder value, and to providing the utmost in service, satisfaction, and quality to our customers. Wellspring is the source for values, vision, and performance. We demand excellence, and we deliver the impossible.


Originally owned and operated by Bertram Wells of River Rock, New Brunswick, Wells Drilling and Boring Ltd. (which would later be restructured into the Wellspring Corporation) began as a local business but soon grew into a regional enterprise with offices in three counties along the Saint John River Valley. Its expansion and eventual investment in the Eastern Pipeline Project helped to usher in the Atlantic energy boom and the second Maritime Golden Age.

Bertram Wells lived on the cutting edge of business and technology; he believed wholeheartedly in embracing new methods, materials, and markets. It was his entrepreneurial spark that brought the Wellspring Corporation to life, and his commitment to innovation that helped it outgrow its competitors by more than three-hundred percent over the first five years. We maintain this spirit through our core values, as well as through our Innovator Grants, Consumer-Science Scholarships, and nearly a quarter million other funding programs around the globe.

Wells Drilling and Boring Ltd. became the Wellspring Corporation during the winter of 2001, with an initial public offering in the first fiscal quarter of the year following. Bertram Wells served as Chairman and CEO, with his son Junior at his right hand as Chief Operating Officer. This leadership structure oversaw twenty years of unprecedented growth before Bertram’s retirement, whereupon his son inherited his chair on the board.

The changing of the guard brought a new commitment to the well-being of the environments in which we live and work. Junior made clear his intentions to shrink Wellspring’s carbon footprint, maximize its investments in clean and renewable energy, and reassess the company’s operational ethics. His establishment of the Ocean Reclamation Action Plan (ORCA) has allowed for the expedited development of prototypes such as the Gyrefighter drone; the Wellspring fleet alone is responsible for the collection and reconstitution of 690 million tons of ocean plastic, and the reclamation of more than 10 million square kilometres of open water.

Today, the Wellspring Corporation and its subsidiaries are run by a board of directors vetted and appointed by Junior before his own retirement. In similar fashion to his father, Junior relinquished control following twenty-years of exemplary leadership, transferring power to an administrative team made up of controlling shareholders, executives acquired through mergers, and two artificial intelligences (the former of which have been serving as board members for forty-three consecutive years). Since then, we have redoubled our efforts to be a world leader in research and development, as well in environmental improvement.

The guiding principles of Wellspring’s founding fathers have been codified into the first two of our core values: Conservation, and Innovation. The third, Community, has risen organically from the contribution of, and our relationship with, all of the employees who have devoted their minds, their bodies, and their time to making the company a success. The enrichment of the individuals and communities around us is not only our responsibility, but a key component of our corporate vision. Our community efforts include, but are certainly not limited to, Educational Initiatives, Volunteer Programs, and the Student Apprenticeship, Internship, and Leadership (SAIL) Program, which annually enrolls more than 15 thousand underprivileged youths.


The Wellspring Corporation recognizes our responsibility as corporate citizens to promote ethical operations, social justice, and environmental protection. Our Code of Ethics reflects these responsibilities, along with our core values, and our belief that honesty and integrity lay the groundwork for a positive work environment, all of which serve to improve corporate culture, and maximize returns for stakeholders.


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