BVRNTLAND is the world in which Greg’s one-act plays take place. It is a fictionalized version of Burntland Brook, just outside Plaster Rock, on the Tobique River Valley in the backwoods of New Brunswick. For Greg, this is the landscape of dark fantasy; his childhood imagination filled these woods with monsters and adventures. And his adult mind has shaped them into twisted allegories for the tensions surrounding contemporary rural life.

Winner in the One-Act category of the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival
Director: Robbie Lynn
Starring: Ryan Griffith, Kat Hall, Kyle Bech

CARRION BIRDS depicts the struggles of Corbin (Griffith) to indoctrinate his niece Corona (Hall) into the occult, ritualistic secrets of the family farm. Cut into the old growth forest of the province’s interior, the farm was established in the aftermath of the events surrounding the legendary Dungarvon Whooper, and bought at a terrible price. When a shale gas surveyor (Bech) stumbles onto the property, he learns there is still a debt to be paid in blood.

Photo courtesy Gavin A. Reid

Winner in the One-Act category of the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival
Director: Miguel Roy
Starring: Scott Harris, Breanna Gauthier, Alex Rioux, Alex Fullerton, Laura-Beth Bird

GULLYWHUMP follows brothers Elisha (Rioux) and Saul (Fullerton) as they execute the last will of their late sister Abigail (Gauthier): consume her ashes as part of a healing ritual at the site of the ritual abuse which led her to take her own life. But as they hike along the gulch to the cabin that is their destination, they are stalked by the Gullywhump (Bird), a monstrous and indeterminate entity under the control of their father Abraham (Harris).

Photo courtesy Matt Carter (Grid City Magazine)


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