What am I looking at here?
This website is the online portfolio of Fredericton based playwright and performer Greg Everett.

What is Neo Brunswick?
Neo Brunswick is an alternate dimension where the rural maritimes are haunted by deformed monsters and abhorrent revenants. It is a universe where sinister corporation exerts financial, political, and supernatural powers in order to ensure its own unprecedented growth, dragging along with it an underdeveloped region that is ready to sell its soul for a boom in the job market. This website, these pictures, and these words, are all parts of that dimension that have sprouted into our reality.

Is this for real?
For the most part, no. The framework of this website is a work of fiction, meant both as a creative project in itself, and a place to host my portfolio of work. However, I do my best here, and in many of my other creative pieces, to give the fictional world an underpinning of real geography and history. The world of Neo Brunswick draws heavily on the world from which you’re observing it.

What is the Wellspring Corporation?
It’s an idea that’s really growing out of control. Much of my fiction shares a universe, and Wellspring is at the centre. It is not a real company. The logos and PR materials are my original creations. For a quick history of the corporation, please refer to the Wellspring section of the website.


Gavin A. Reid – original photo for The C.S. Davidson at Dock

Neo Brunswick images are based on original work by New Brunswick photographers and manipulated using assets from the public domain or under license through Creative Commons.

All written content is original unless otherwise indicated (for example, biographical information), wherein the original has been cited. See below for a master list of source materials; click on the title of the cited article to see it in situ on this site, and click on the linked url to visit the article itself.

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This website and its content are works of fiction unless otherwise indicated. Images are comprised of original photographs and public domain assets. While some elements of real history and geography are referenced, no infringement is intended, nor are any similarities between the characters and corporations herein and any real people or corporations, living or dead, sinister or otherwise.