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At Wellspring, we believe that in order to know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been. To that end, we have pursued an aggressive strategy of collecting and cataloging information since the early days of the company, and we are proud to share what materials we can, remotely or in person at our Archival HQ. In these curated collections, we offer a glimpse into the portfolios of artists whose mark on history may otherwise have gone unnoticed.

BVRNTLAND – “If you’re afraid of the dark, maybe its for good reason.” Welcome to the world of BVRNTLAND, as told through the One-Act plays of Greg Everett. Featuring CARRION BIRDS (2018) and GULLYWHUMP (2019)

SITE-SPECIFIC THEATRE – “A man is immutable. Stone all turns to dust.” In the winter of 2018/2019, Greg was awarded a Creation grant through ArtsNb to write a site-specific play set in Fredericton’s Old Burial Ground. WRITTEN IN MARBLE, BURIED IN EARTH: THE SPIRIT OF A PLACE was presented to the public in May 2019.

THE WELLSPRING RETROSPECT – “A Look Back at a Century of Progress.” Commissioned to celebrate 100 years of Wellspring, and 300 years of N.B, this collection of photos documents of a century of drastic industrial, economic, and technological development in Atlantic Canada