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At Wellspring, we believe that in order to know where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been. To that end, we have pursued an aggressive strategy of collecting and cataloging information since the early days of the company, and we are proud to share what materials we can, remotely or in person at our Archival HQ. Please find below a list of our remote offerings to date; any further inquiries regarding holdings should be to directed toward our curators.

THE WELLSPRING RETROSPECT – “A Look Back at a Century of Progress.” Commissioned to celebrate 100 years of Wellspring, and 300 years of N.B, this collection of photos documents of a century of drastic industrial, economic, and technological development in Atlantic Canada

CARRION BIRDS – “Blood from a stone. Fingers to the bone.”                    Developed in part through Wellspring’s Residency Program, Greg Everett’s CARRION BIRDS is a play set in the eldritch forest of Burntland, NB. It is a story of ritual, sacrifice, and dark magic that first premiered as part of the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival.

TEXTS AND EPHEMERA – “Machines of Loving Grace.”                              Selections from the unattributed, uncategorized, and otherwise cast-off holdings of the Wellspring Corporate Archives, presented here as a matter of public interest and public record.