Greg Everett is a Fredericton based playwright and performer. His plays CARRION BIRDS (2018) and GULLYWHUMP (2019) were winners in the one-act category at the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, and he was awarded a Creation grant through ArtsNb to develop a site-specific play set in Fredericton’s Old Burial Ground (2019). As an actor, Greg’s recent roles include Curt Riley in Grey Rabbit TC’s The Host (Saint John 2019), and Shooter in Sam Shephard’s ACTION, a Nasty Shadows production (Fredericton 2019).

Drawing on his upbringing in rural New Brunswick, his works seek to underpin a world of ghosts and monsters with a surreal framework of history and lived experience. This is the world of BVRNTLAND, where an arm lost to an accident is replaced with a crow’s foot, and a formless monster preys on anyone who gets too close to the site of ritual abuse. Where the culprit of the Dungarvon Whooper murder becomes a skinless revenant. And all beneath the wings of an immense spirit of nature that billows over the valley like black smoke.

Beyond his personal creative practice, Greg is a published theatre critic, a fledgling standup comic, and a multimedia content creator. He is also the founder and organizer of two community initiatives: Storyhenge, a writer’s circle at the Charlotte Street Art Centre, and Pop-Up Storytelling, an event which partners with local businesses to create innovative performance spaces at unconventional times. For more information on collaborating, please email

Follow Greg on Instagram: @gullywhump and on Facebook: @neobrunswick